Jacquie & Kel – Byron Hinterland

When Jax suggested a maternity shoot in a national park under a waterfall – naturally I said “hell’s yes and when can we go!?”

I love their tenacity for adventure and getting outside, and this shoot was nothing different. We walked through a sweltering rainforest (you can’t see but we were all sweating bullets!), lucky for them they were able to jump in the water and cool off. The only thing we really had to worry about was the setting sun and Jax thinking everything tin the water was an eel..hahaha.

I really have some of the most beautiful clients, inside and out, so thank you for letting me shoot outside the “maternity” box and have some fun at the same time…

*Watch this space – I have bets on how long til Jax is pregnant again, so you may see another shoot up here before you know it, lucky she does it so well!

H xo